Wednesday, 8 November 2017


God, these International breaks, I just hate them, two weeks of almost zero football to watch, resorting to watching Grand Designs or some old films on TV, while we wait for the real business of The Premier League or Liverpool FC in particular, to start again.

 We could have be sitting down in a pile of doom and gloom about Klopp and his team, unable to defend, missing chances and penalties to leave us battling with the likes of Burnley and Watford for mid-table misery.

But, no after going on a winning run of five games in the Premier  League &  Champions League, we now sit in 5th place ahead of Arsenal and others on goal difference.
We are three points behind Chelsea, four behind 2nd-placed Man Utd  and high-flying Spurs.

So it could be worse and it did seem worse after the 2-0 defeat at Leicester, that was a low point in every supporter's heart.
Klopp's credibility was suddenly on the line like never before, his teams couldn't defend and the famed attack was faltering, something had to happen to arrest the crisis  and maybe it was the 7-0 drubbing of Maribor in the Champion's League that was and is the turning point this Season.

The belief had returned, after draws with Spartak Moscow, Newcastle and Man Utd, that big win away from home was a lifting of the wave of expectation that every player, fan and the manager had been under.

Yes we lost along the way to an inform Spurs side but the momentum continued as we beat Huddersfield and Maribor 3-0 at Anfield where both of these teams tried to park the bus but Liverpool still won comfortably.

Our last League game before this International break saw Liverpool visit the London Stadium to inflict a crushing 4-1 defeat to West Ham giving a lesson in counter-attacking football, which saw Slavan Bilic lose his job, which is a shame.

Its funny what a few good results can do to boost morale and self-belief in a team, but the 7-0 thrashing of Maribor was just what the doctor ordered for Klopp and Liverpool.

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