Friday, 7 July 2017


Liverpool's hopes of signing RB Leipzig's Naby Kieta now appear to be over according to a hardline statement from Ralf Rangnick issued on Friday where he stated that even a sum of £100 million would not interest Leipzig into selling the player to Liverpool.

Keita, who has attracted the interest of many of Europe's elite, is open to an Anfield switch to advance his career - a message that has been communicated to the Bundesliga club.
However, the response received from Ralf Rangnick has been strong and consistent: No exit will be sanctioned.

Initial indications were that a figure in the region of £50 million would be enough for Liverpool to make Leipzig reconsider their stance over the Guinea international, before sources suggested that Ralf Rangnick spoke with Die Bullen saying Red Bull Leipzig are not enticed by financial reward and even setting a new record for a transfer in Germany would not tempt them into a sale.

It was also widely reported that Keita has a £48m release fee that can be triggered next summer, but Rangnick has dismissed all these claims and reiterated the club’s hardline position.

“There are no players in our squad who have an exit clause,” he said at a press briefing.
“I will repeat it one more time, we will not sell any of our key players. There are a lot of reports about there being a certain figure where we could be open to a sale, but they are all false.
“We are not selling anyone even if we are talking about a three-figure transfer fee and the players know that.
“I have already said that before and nothing has changed in that aspect.
“It is only normal that there is interest in our players after a season like this, also because of what guys like Keita  has done for his national team.  That does not change our stance.
“There is no reason for the players to leave, we have directly qualified for the Champions League.”

So that seems to finally it then Reds fans, no signing of Keita.

Midfield newcomers are needed, if they are good enough.

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