Wednesday, 15 August 2018


Liverpool may have shot themselves in the foot in an act of madness.

Mo Salah was spotted using his mobile phone while driving into Melwood. Someone at the ground informed other LFC staff and what happened?

Liverpool reported Mo Salah to the police for using his phone while driving. They also cautioned Salah, Liverpool and the Premier League's top scorer last Season, himself about the incident and advised him against using his phone while driving in future.

If a team ever wanted to annoy or upset a player, they have surely done it to Mo Salah. The guy must be livid with the club.
He may even consider a move away from the side that he has rewarded so loyally by scoring nearly 50 goals last Season. It would be hard to blame him if he walked away now after this incident.

But I hope he doesn't and that he puts it all behind him and carries on scoring loads more goals again this year.

Friday, 13 July 2018


Xherdan Shaqiri has joined Liverpool in a £13.5 million deal, after three years in the Premier League with Stoke City that included 84 appearances and a total of 30 goals and assists after spells with Inter Milan, Bayern Munich and FC Basel.

Speaking to reporters at Melwood, he said: As a player you always want to be on the biggest stage in football. A few years ago I wanted to come too but it didn’t happen. I’m really happy that now I’m finally here. I want to improve myself too, I want to be with the best and I want to win titles. That’s what I’m here for." 

Klopp has admired the attacker’s versatility, skillset and personality for some time and feels the opportunity to recruit the 26-year-old came at the perfect moment for both parties.
“I think the English phrase to explain the decision to sign Xherdan is a ‘no-brainer’. When someone like him becomes available in this way you have to react if you are smart – and we have,” the manager told
“He has speed and ability, has the right amount of arrogance on the football pitch, real bravery to want the ball and influence things.
To play for us these are mandatory requirements.

“We are the perfect move for him in this moment as well I think, because he needs to push himself and challenge himself and our environment encourages that. We will want him to express himself but also learn and improve the areas of his game where he can still make progression.
“From our perspective, he is someone who makes a big difference to the squad and team, because he can fit in so many positions in our system. He gives us greater flexibility in how we can use our current players also. This is cool.
“I know him well from his time in Switzerland and especially Germany – I have been a long-time admirer.

But the added bonus now is that he knows the Premier League", said Klopp "and what it takes to perform in this uniquely intense environment. He also did really well at the World Cup – so he comes to us full of belief and confidence.
“Finally, Xherdan the person will fit in perfectly at Liverpool I believe. He has personality and drive – he is someone who will feed off the positive emotion of our crowd.
He joins a dressing room of really good lads and I know they will welcome him with open arms and help him settle and integrate quickly.”

Friday, 11 May 2018

Punters Set to Cash-In on Royal Nuptials

Punters Set to Cash-In on Royal Nuptials

With each passing day until the Royal Wedding (Saturday 19thMay), the coverage of everything ‘Harry and Meghan’ is set to increase. As ever, the tabloid media gets into something of a frenzy when faced with these things, with scrutiny set to be massive on the young couple. Across the UK, the ‘common folk’ will celebrate with garden parties and fetes: any excuse for a party.

There is, of course, another big event on the same day as the Royal Wedding – the FA Cup Final. While cup finals are often huge betting events for bookmakers, the football will not be taking in all the bets. Indeed, ever since Meghan Markle agreed to become the latest addition to the Windsor family, bookies have been offering Royal betting odds on everything surrounding the glamourous couples’ big day.

Many of the bets have already been settled, such as where Harry’s stag party would be held (he didn’t have one in the end) and just who his best man would be (his brother William, of course). However, there are still lots of great markets to bet on. Below are some of the most popular bets to place on the lead up to the wedding:

The Weather:

Of course, Britain’s obsession with the weather is not just limited to the royal wedding. However, the bookmakers are keen to provide odds on whether or not those street parties and barbecues held around the country will be a wash-out or not. The current odds from Betfair for a dry day in Windsor (the wedding is in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle) are 4/9, with odds of 13/8 for a downpour. To be fair, we know the British public will have a good ol’ knees up regardless.

The Guestlist:

There has been massive scrutiny over the guestlist, not least because most current UK politicians have been snubbed. However, there will be no end of A-listers at the event. You can bet on the ‘sure things’, which include Elton John (1/50), Meghan’s Suits co-star Patrick Adams (1/100), as well as David and Victoria Beckham (1/50). If you want something with better returns, you can look at Sir Paul McCartney (5/4), Natalie Pinkham (2/1) or the legendary Sean Connery (3/1). Then for outsider bets, you can find the likes of Wayne Rooney (25/1), Piers Morgan (22/1) and massive odds of 100/1 for US president Donald Trump (all odds provided by Betfair).

The Future:

Just as with media scrutiny over Harry and Meghan, the betting won’t end after the day’s festivities have been concluded. Betfair have also gone opened markets on what the name of the couple’s first child will be: Alice, Arthur and Harry are the 10/1 frontrunners at this point. Boris and Camilla are the 125/1 outsiders. There is also a market on whether Harry will emigrate to the United States by 2020. He is 25/1 to do so and break the hearts of a nation.